If you specialize in everything, you specialize in nothing.

As such, I don’t offer clients all the writing services available in the market.

Here are the 3 services that my clients keep hiring me repeatedly for;

Blog Content Creation

Your blog is your second best tool to nurture and convert leads; the first is email. However, not all blog content will help you in turning your blog into the marketing tool you need.

You need content that is value-packed, emotional and actionable. When I started out, I sucked at this, but with more than four years of practice and learning, I have perfected the art of blog post creation, and can easily create blog content for you SaaS, digital marketing or E-commerce audience.

Lead magnet creation

There are very many types of lead magnets available today. However, I only specialize in two, E-books and newsletters. That doesn’t mean that I cannot create whitepapers and other lead magnets; I can.

But for now, I am only offering the services that my clients have repeatedly hired me for.

Content strategy

Given my training in inbound marketing and sales, it’s not a wonder that I can intuitively come up with content ideas that will drive sales to your product and rekindle the lost life of your blog.

If you need content ideas for your next product launch, relaunch, or are just out of ideas of what your target customers want, I am your guy.

I will help you identify your customer personas and the give you a list of blog headlines that would ultimately engage your readers and drive sales to your latest campaign.

Don’t see the service you want?

There is always a chance that I have previously created the type of content that you need. You can send me an email, and if I cannot help you, I will refer you to another freelancer who can help you with your project.

If you need a writer for any of the three products mentioned above, don’t let doubt stop you from making the best marketing decision. Hire me today.