My passion for the written word is inborn, a fact that led me to read English magazines and newspapers way before I knew what grammar was.

My writing career started way back in High School when I wrote my first article for the school’s annual magazine and since then, I have never turned back.

I decided to venture into online writing back in 2014 after discovering that I could use my writing skills to inform and entertain online audiences.

I did start out well, landing a client within the first month and held on to him for months. I later learnt that he was running a content farm in his own house and decided to venture further into professional writing on my own.

By the end of 2015, I had ghostwritten more than 2400 articles and I have come across some of my work at some very reputable blogs.

In 2016, I decided to make it official and opened this website in March.

Most of my writing skills have been improved through online courses, lot’s of practice and commitment to being better that I was yesterday.

My interests are traveling and adventure, reading, writing, playing chess and the geeky side of computers.

When I am not typing on my laptop, you will find me playing chess, learning a new skill or reading a novel.


I hope that you don’t find it out-of-place that I am writing about you on my ‘About me’ page, it happens.

Let’s dive right in.


  • Are having a hard time creating blog posts that attract customers.
  • Aren’t quite sure what your audience really wants to read
  • Are tired of getting ripped off by freelancers who either miss deadlines or fail to deliver the quality they promised.
  • Need a fresh perspective on your blog

If any of those points describes you, then you are right where you should be.

What’s in it for you?

I will help you:

  • Establish and secure your reputation as a reliable industry authority by creating credible and fact based content.
  • Engage your readers by crafting posts that your audience will enjoy reading, will learn from, and that secure your reputation as a reliable industry though leader
  • Save you time by doing all the research and submitting finished work that is ready for posting.
  • Drive organic traffic by writing search-engine-optimized content that ranks well on search engines
  • Convert readers into subscribers by writing newsletters and E-books that act as incentives for readers to subscribe.
  • Attract leads and land sales by creating web copies that convince and inspire readers to take action

If these are the results you need, act now, contact me and let’s discuss your writing needs.

Why am I different?

Let’s be honest, you have many options when choosing who to create your content.

  1. You can outsource your content to a content mill or a content firm for literally pennies and get posts that gets you penalized by search engines, ruins your authority and reputation and repels visitors. Wanna post content that make people sleepy halfway down the post?
  2.  You can hire a digital marketing agency that will provide quality work but that will charge you thousands for their services.
  3. If you value the quality of work you get and want a fair price for quality services, you are stuck with a freelance writer. That is where I come in. With the talent pool of writers out there waiting to help you craft quality content, it is difficult to judge who is the best fit for your project.

That is why I am about to tell you what I do differently. Here we go.

  • Besides delivering quality content, I have made it a point to respect time. Both yours and mine. I stick to the agreed-upon schedule and always submit work before the set deadline.
  • Profound research skills. I love uncovering everything I can about a project before I embark on my first draft.
  • I inject personality into every piece of writing. Unless you are writing copies for robots to read, (I have been told they don’t appreciate personality), the content on your website and blog needs a personal touch. Humans can only buy from humans, I will show them that you are human with every word that I include in your copy.
  • Search Engine Optimization. Whether it’s owned by MacDonald’s or that coffee shop at the end of the street , every website needs to rank better in search engines. My time online taking various SEO courses has taught me what counts when it comes to ranking a website and what doesn’t. I create content that ranks higher on search engines. And I don’t stuff keywords.
  • Ghostwriting. I have learnt to swallow my pride and allow other people to take credit for my work. If you want to establish yourself as a though leader but for some reason cannot create the content, I am your best bet.
  • I’m not a content farm. Do you want different brand voices on your website/blog? If so, then head over to a content farm where the writer who writes the first piece is not the same person who writes the second one. A different perspective is good, but too many voices hurt the authenticity of your brand. I work alone and only take projects I can manage alone. The only task I outsource is copy-editing.
  • A tailored Approach. For every client I work with, I handle them as unique. Unique prospects, unique visitors, unique content. Before embarking on the writing, I must have a thorough understanding of your business, your customers, blog readers and prospecting audience.
  • I take pride in seeing my clients succeed. The power of written word for me is much more meaningful and I take joy in knowing that my services helped deliver information and help the clients business.

Sound good? There’s no time like the present. Let’s get started, send me an email at